Well, it was 20 days ago that mom fell. She has been in the rehab center for 16 days.

On Friday, she amazed the Occupational and Physical Therapist and was able to get out of bed and take a few steps. The therapists both agreed that the hip was healing well.

This is great news. There has been no date set for parole (at times, she feels like she is in jail), but she is optimistic that it will happen soon. Mom needs to get to a place where her pain is manageable and her Dr’s feel comfortable sending her home.

The hospital social worker will be setting up 24 hr. care for them, which means starting Tuesday, there will be as many as 4 different people on rotating shifts at the house. Mom knows this needs to happen BUT, she may not be there because there is no “parole” date set yet. She struggled with the thought of all these people “roaming” through the house without her being there. She told me how vulnerable and out of control this whole process is for her. With all the stories she has heard about the problems with in-home-care, she said she felt like she was on the edge of being violated by the system. This was a huge stress point for her last week, and talking with her was not easy.

Janet has been there now for 29 days and is ready to come home. She has been relentless in her care for dad and Jim. It has also taken its toll on her, BUT hearing how stressed mom was at the rehab center and knowing how vulnerable dad and Jim would be, she has decided to extend AGAIN her time there.

The good news is, Janet will not be doing any of the heavy lifting as she has done. She will be able to get better sleep and begin to recover from the 24/7 pace of caring for 2 people.

There were some big changes for dad as well. A hospital bed was moved into the sitting room of the MST bedroom. The bed will give him a better view of the TV and improve and ease the care problems that were there with the conventional bed. Dad has said that he likes it.

Jim is doing well, making runs to the store and picking up food with Janet. He is also helping out where he can. Janet is planning to take him on little short trips to the park and zoo, so there will be time for him (Jim time) to enjoy getting out of the house on a little excursion.

Thank you for praying for everyone in Hawaii. I am deeply grateful.

Aloha Nui Loa,