Today there are a lot of things going on with mom and dad. Mom is leaving the rehab center and going home. It’s dad’s birthday, he will be 95. There are plans to have a salmon dinner to celebrate his birthday and mom coming home.

Janet is still there but plans to leave soon. She’s been able to get some rest since there is in-home care for dad. Kathy, a friend from the big island, will be arriving tomorrow to help mom and dad. I have my flight ticket for 3/21 and will be there until 4/2.

This ordeal has been taxing on mom, mostly because of the separation (5 weeks) from dad and Jim. Today she will be back home.

While she has been away, there have been some changes. Dad now has 24 hr. in-home care. He is in a hospital bed. Furniture has been moved around to make room for these changes.

Mom being home will give her a much better understanding of what has happened since her fall. She also will start her cancer treatment again.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They are deeply appreciated.


Aloha Nui Loa,

gary & Nita