Dad has been moved to a hospital bed and now has a view outside and of Pearl Harbor.
He gets woken up by a small flock of parrots that come in and feed each morning. They can be as noisy as a couple of competing barnyard roosters, but when you put birdseed out, you don’t get to pick the birds that come to feed. Fortunately, dad enjoys the wide variety of birds that come in a feed every day.

Dad had his 95th Birthday this month and Janet was here to help celebrate and got him a cake along with some Cherry ice cream. He really enjoyed the festivities.

I have been here a week, it’s a little different than I thought it would be, and it took me a day or so to get used to the route with the 24 hr home care for dad from Wilson Home Care.

So far there is only one consistent caregiver that has been here and her name is Savannah, she comes during the week and mom and dad really like her. There are a couple of other staff members (Sam and Loapha) that mom and dad like but during the other shifts there are caregivers that we may only see once. Their primary role is to care for dad. Mom does supervise the new ones that come in, which is needed because of not being familiar with dad and his needs.

Wilson Home Care Services has over 300 caregivers on staff. This is to service the large population of retired military as well as the retired local population.

Janet was here for 6 weeks (she did a fantastic job) and Kathy (a dear friend from the Big Island), both helped out with other things that needed to be done to keep the house functioning. Some of these things are helping with Jim, meals for mom and Jim, shopping, Dr. appointments, minor housework, and basic tasks that Wilson Services do not cover and mom cannot do because she is still recovering. Another item that will be on the agenda will be mom’s cancer treatment will start again and she will need to be taken to those appointments.

I wanted to try to paint a better picture of what is happening over here to see if anyone would be interested in coming over to help with keeping the house running until mom is fully recovered.

If you are interested please let me know by email or give mom a call at 808-486-5004.

Aloha Nui Loa,