Mom seems to be doing well. She has a goal of getting out of the rehab unit buy Tuesday (2/23). I hope she makes it. If she does go home, she will be limited in what she will be able to do and will need an in-home health-care professional assistance.

Her plan is to have Physical & Occupational Therapy continue at home. She just wants to be home – even if she is only able to get around via a wheelchair and walker.

I am thankful that it was only a hairline fracture and no surgery was necessary.

Mom’s lung cancer treatment is on hold until she gets out of rehab and is able to make the trips to the hospital, which will be 10 treatments of a 2-week period. Her oncologist told her not to worry about it because the cancer is not growing as much as he originally thought.

Dad is doing well, no complaints, always greats you with a smile. That to me is amazing. He is watching a lot of baseball. I think he has moved on from football – did not even watch the Super Bowl.

Mom wants him to get back into PT to see if he can get his strength back so he can get in a wheelchair for some mobility – even get outside on the lanai. Hard to think that his has not been outside or even out of the room for almost a year.

Jim is doing well, he is a little confused about where mom is but she talks with him every day and that helps. He always asks her, “When are you coming home?”

Janet extended her time there to March 3rd. She is doing a great job helping with dad and Jim. She is working with the VA trying to get arrangement for in-home healthcare for dad. The VA has alotted 13 hours of in-home health-care a week for a vet that served 27 years, fought in 3 wars, is 100% disabled, and the 4 cancers he has had 2 of them can be tied directly to being exposed to agents on the battlefield. Just seems a little lacking.

I think Janet is getting more into the groove because she doesn’t sound like she is at the point of sleep deprived exhaustion about ready to collapse but more like tired from all the work and long hours. She is getting help now, which is great. There is also a hope to have the full-time health-care staff in place before she leaves in March.

Thank you for praying for everyone in Hawaii, I am deeply grateful.

Aloha Nui Loa,